MailFool Privacy Policy

All email addresses (your real email address, the recipient's email address, and the spoof email address) are stored by the MailFool system only for use in connection with the runnning of the MailFool system.

We will never knowingly sell nor give away you email address to any third party for marketting purposes or bulk email purposes.

Only in the event of misuse of the MailFool system, ie use which contravenes the MailFool Terms and Conditions which are displayed every time a MailFool message is created.
In this case we reserve the right to supply information relating to the offending message, including the address supplied as the 'real email address', the name given as the 'real name', and the other names and addresses supplied in the MailFool creation form, as well as times and any other information which may enable the victim to resolve their claim. This information may be passed to the MailFool message receipient, or any agent nominated by them to deal with their grievance, eg their ISP or lawyer.

As detailed in our Terms and Conditions, the details of any message sent via MailFool will be held on our servers for approximately 14 days. After which the data will normally be automatically deleted. In the case of mis-use, we may hold this data for a longer time to enable any investigation to be completed.

In short: MailFool does not support unsolicited commercial email, or spamming, and as such will not use your information for these purposes under any circumstances, or pass on your information for someone else to use for these purposes. You details will only be passed on if you abuse the MailFool system.