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MailFool was an idea I had years ago, but i only got around to doing anything about it in 2000

what you are looking at is the result of a lot of thought and some long days trying to make everything as simple to use as possible
the overall aim was to make a site that anyone could use, that would allow the non-technical internet user to play the pranks that experienced internet users and hackers have been playing for years

MailFool is traceable to make things safer for both you and us - you can be found out so the chances of you doing anything really dangerous are reduced
i hope you like it, i do, and still use it frequently myself when i can think of a friend i haven't played the trick on yet...

use of MailFool is growing daily, but thats the idea.. so tell your friends, but not before you send them a prank email first!

-Dan Gibson

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