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April 1st: our appologies to all those who had problems sending MailFool emails on and around April Fools' Day this year. due to unprecendented demand the system had a few problems whereby some messages were lost in the process of being created. we'll have it sorted before next April Fools, don't worry...

if you have ever wanted to wind up a friend or colleague by sending them an e-mail from somebody else, then MailFool is for you!
MailFool allows you to enter any e-mail address as the sender of an e-mail, and it is very difficult to distinguish it from a genuine e-mail from that person!

you simply say who you want to send the e-mail to, who you want the e-mail to appear to be from, and your real name and e-mail address.
you will then be e-mailed a confirmation password which you must enter on the confirm page on this site, and the e-mail will be sent!

if you'd like to try it, read on...

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